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Using the strategy of Layering Life Insurance… Here are some tips to save!

Using the ladder/layering Strategy when purchasing Term life insurance policy’s is the best way for a family to save money on the life insurance needed. Using 10 year term life insurance, 20 year term life insurance and 30 year term life insurance. By cutting out the insurance coverage amounts that will not be important down the road when your kids are grown, and your expenses are lower because you have paid down major expenses! Not having such a high monthly nut to crack because your homes and cars are now paid off.

As an experienced life insurance agent, I will present you term policies at multiple levels, focusing on a multiple of time lengths based of your exact needs.

By applying this strategy, you will save A LOT money over a extended period to take care of current goals and bills that the money can be redirected to and focus more on things like giving your family the lifestyle they deserve or even planning for retirement! When you tier you life insurance policy’s you can use one insurance to supply you with living benefits that oay you while you are alive if you have a catastrophic heath issues that may unexpectedly occur, such as a brain aneurism, heart attack, cancer or stroke. While your other policies are still in place for the long run. Now you can focus on healing for the future and not worry about being uninsurable, because you had multiple companies or multiple life insurance policies with different benefit amounts and types.

See this article "How Many People Survive a Heart Attack?"

“Studies have found that survival rates for people hospitalized for heart attacks are approximately 90% to 97%. 3 This varies based on the type of heart attack, which arteries are involved, and additional factors such as age and gender.”

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