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About Living Benefits Riders!

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Consider the living benefits attached to the policy and all its riders! Living benefits are paid to the insured while they are alive in the event that a medical condition occurs.


A For instance If a parent has a stroke compared to heart attack some policy's will pay no living benefits at all! It all depends on the the triggers stated in the policy riders. In that Idea a policy with the living benefits rider with more medical triggers tis usually more expensive! The Second Policy would have less living benefits making it less expensive and therefore more affordable to keep for a longer term! Here at We would consider the stacking of multiple policies to be focused on a policy with more medical triggers that will pay a potion of the death benefit while you are alive and a second larger policy without as many living benefits attached. The reason is that you will have more difficulties getting additional life insurance in the future, or worse be completely uninsurable! The best company for living benefits with the most medical triggers is NLG National Life group!

This is directly from the company website! LIVING BENEFITS!

There are additional benefits associated with our life Insurance and annuity solutions provided by optional riders. We call them Living Benefits, and we have been providing them since 1937. Based on the product, living benefits can provide benefits should a qualifying terminal, chronic or critical illness or critical injury occur1, or if your desire is to have an income that you cannot outlive.

The best way to understand the impact living benefits can have is to hear from policy owners who have actually used them.

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